Provide experimented solutions for Secure & Trusted large-scale IoT environments

  • Deliver confirmed procedures for large-scale Internet-of-Things security bootstrapping;
  • Deliver confirmed mechanisms for large-scale trusted routing in Wireless Sensing Networks;
  • Deliver demonstrated solutions for trusted service discovery in large-scale Internet-of-Things;
  • Deliver attested schemes for sensors/devices code hashing in large-scale IoT environments;
  • Deliver verified methods for secured Operating Systems in the large-scale Internet-of-Things;
  • Deliver validated technologies for secure large-scale IoT systems integrated via FI-WARE Clouds.

Target Performance Indicators:

  • 7 (seven) different and much relevant experiments of Security & Trust for large-scale IoT environments.

A set of 7 (seven) large-scale Internet-of-Things Security & Trust experiments have been defined that have been brought forward by the project partners based on their specific interests of technological performance improvement and/or innovation.

These experiments are concretely:

Bootstrapping and group sharing procedures

A large-scale experiment on IoT security bootstrapping procedures pushed by OdinS as to protect the access to services as a first step to achieve a holistic security approach for smart building scenarios.

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Sensor node code hashing

A large-scale experiment on sensor node code hashing promoted by Unparallel to be used in their product line of lean sensors for providing secure and trusted monitoring services (especially of critical infrastructures).
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Secured bootstrapping/join for the IoT

An experiment aiming to testing, prototype and provide secured communication to enable a secured join/bootstrap procedure while trying to guarantee the establishment of standard and highly reliable communications.

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Secured OS / Over the air updates

This experiment main objective is to test, prototype and provide secured OTA (Over the air) updates for RIOT, enabling the distributing new software and configuration of settings (e.g. credentials) to devices running RIOT while sustaining a high level of security.
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Trust aware wireless sensors networks routing

A large-scale experiment on Trust-aware Multi-disciplinary Wireless Sensor Networks Routing proposed by Synelixis in order to better fit their Wireless Sensor Networks IoT solutions for large- scale conditions.
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Secure IoT Service Discovery

A large-scale experiment on secure IoT service discovery promoted by Synelixis to exploit in their SynField products, securely accessing sensing services by remote/geographically dispersed SynField nodes.

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Secure IoT platform

An experiment on secure large-scale Internet-of-Things operated via FI-WARE Cloud technologies pushed by EGM and SmartTesting with a specific interest of partners to take advantage of IoT using FI-WARE technologies.
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The ARMOUR experiments follows a well-defined methodology to ensure reproducible, extensible, applicable and revisable experimentations. The ARMOUR experimentation methodology involves the following steps:

  • Install and configure the scenario(s) for Internet-of-Things large-scale Security & Trust experimentations;
  • Do the measurements and collect the experimentation data out of the ARMOUR experiments;
  • Perform pre-processing (e.g. data-cleaning) and organisation (e.g. transformations, semantic annotations) of the experimentation data;
  • Analyse experimentation data (prove hypothesis) and perform benchmarking of experiments, compare performance of solutions;
  • Report on the results of the experimentation (and possibly publish them for project dissemination).